Glossary of VeVe Terms:



A free bonus occasionally given to holders of certain collectibles or sets within VeVe.

Align Gate

A tactic for improving your odds of getting a drop on VeVe by aligning the drop button with the error message that pops up when you tap it early in order to quickly dismiss it and tap the button again

All-Time High (ATH)

The highest recorded price for a collectible or crypto.

Amazing Fantasy 15 (AF15)

A digital NFT comic of the first appearance of Spider-Man.

Amazing Spider-Man (ASM)

A series Spider-Man comic books available on the VeVe app.

Artist Proof (AP)

A tag that's used to indicate 1-of-1 collectibles on VeVe.

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Live Q&A sessions hosted by the VeVe/Ecomi team where they answer questions from users.


Bitcoin (BTC)

The original cryptocurrency, which is still highly correlated with the rest of the crypto market and can move prices of other tokens, including OMI.

Blind Box

A drop format in which multiple collectibles are released on a single drop and the user is assigned a random collectible from the set.

Blue Chip

Name for the most significant, desirable (and expensive) collectibles on the VeVe app.


Illicit programs run by some users in attempt to gain an advantage on drops or in the marketplace.


Club 424

An exclusive VeVe community for holders of the secret rare Blue & Beta drop from Jurassic World.

Con Exclusive (CE)

A tag that's used to indicate collectibles that were dropped as part of an in-person convention.



When unsold items get removed from the marketplace, which happens 30 days after they are first listed.


The process through which a new collectible is minted on the blockchain and assigned to a user, following a drop.

DesignerCon (DCon)

A convention for artists and designers held annually in Anaheim, California, where many new artist related collectibles were dropped.

Diamond Hands

Investors who hold onto their investments/collectibles long term, even if there are downturns or strong pressure to sell.


A collectible of a unicorn character from the Powerpuff Girls show and one of the rarest collectibles on the VeVe app.


When VeVe releases a new collectible or comic in the VeVe app.



The Singapore-based company that created the VeVe app. Also the name for the OMI token, which underpins the NFTs on the app.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a programmable blockchain which is used by the majority of NFT projects, including VeVe.


Fantastic Four (FF)

A series of comic books in the VeVe app by Marvel, or characters from that series.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Short for "fear of missing out", a powerful emotional trigger which can cause buyers to act emotionally and often overpay on the marketplace.

Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (FUD)

Negative disinformation that is spread purposefully in order to cast doubt on a project.

First Appearance (FA)

A tag that's used to mark the first appearance of a character in digital collectible format on the VeVe app.

First Edition (FE)

A tag that's used to mark the first series of a collectible in a collection.


Purchasing undervalued collectibles and re-selling them for a higher price, often within a short time period.


The floor price of a collectible is the price of the lowest priced collectible of its kind available in the marketplace.

Follow For Follow (F4F)

A common tactic used to gain followers in the VeVe app by offering to follow back anyone who follows you.



The in-app currency used in the VeVe app, with one gem equal to one US dollar.

Gem Squeeze

The decrease in prices across the market when a big drop is announced as users sell their collectibles to get gems to participate in the drop.


A fast and carbon-neutral blockchain on which VeVe collectibles used to be stored on before they were migrated to ImmutableX in December of 2021.

Golden Moments (GM)

A series of golden collectibles from some of Disney's most iconic IPs such as Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars, released in November of 2021 in a build-up to Disney+ Day.

Good Morning (GM)

A common greeting used on Twitter by the NFT/crypto community to build cammaraderie.


A highly sought after or significant collectible on the VeVe platform.

Green Truck

A green truck that appears on screen when a user successfully wins a drop on VeVe.



A term from crypto for holding on long term, based on the misspelling of the word "hold".


Immutable X (IMX)

A layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum on which VeVe NFTs are stored, which provides quick, gasless and carbon neutral transactions.


Know Your Business (KYB)

A process by which a user can verify that they represent a legitimate business entity.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

A requirement for financial apps to collect personal information about their users such as name, ID, and address in order to comply with local tax and anti-money laundering laws.


Lenticular Card

A category of collectible on VeVe based on real world plastic cards that change in appearance based on the angle they are viewed from.

Loss (L)

When you fail to reserve a collectible during a drop.

Low Mint

A collectible or comic with a low edition number, typically below 100 or 50.


Marketplace (MP)

A collectible marketplace built into the VeVe app where users can buy and sell collectibles from each other for gems as well as host auctions.

Marvel Comics #1 (MC1)

The first ever comic book NFT released on the VeVe app based on one of the rarest and most expensive comics from Marvel.

Master Collectors Program (MCP)

A program in VeVe that will allow collectors to accumulate Master Collector points based on their in-app activity which they can use to participate in raffles and buy in-app items with.

Mint Number

The edition number of a collectible.

Money Transmitter License (MTL)

A license required by apps that deal in financial services which will allow VeVe users to cash out their gems for real-world currency in the future.


Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

Digital goods, with proof of ownership recorded on the blockchain.

Not Going To Make It (NGMI)

An expression of despair or as a derogatory insult aimed at those who are going to miss out on potential gains. The opposite of WAGMI.



The ticker symbol for the ECOMI token, which underpins transactions on the VeVe app.

OMI Utility Program (OUP)

A program through which OMI holders will be able to stake their OMI for in-app benefits such as buying collectibles with OMI and participating in OMI drop raffles.


Paper Hands

A somewhat derogatory term that refers to someone who sells too early or at too low a price. The opposite of diamond hands.


The combination of the physical and digital worlds, resulting in objects and experiences with elements of both.


A term for when trying to manipulate the market backfires spectacularly, named for an infamous user by the name of @poolside.


When the price of a collectible increases significantly, or the act of working to increase the price of a collectible.



A field in VeVe which indicates the relative scarcity of a collectible. Collectibles come in 5 different rarities: common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare, and secret rare.


Securing a drop after the initial countdown.


The original price of a collectible when it is first dropped on VeVe.


Shorthand for the "#01 Eduardo Risso Batman" collectible, the highest rarity collectible from the first collectible set released on VeVe.

Rug Pull

A scam where a developer promises to deliver a project but instead takes the money and runs.


Secondary Market

Another name for the marketplace, the "primary" market being the store where users buy collectibles from on the drop.

Secret Rare (SR)

The highest rarity for collectibles on VeVe.

Sell Wall

A tactic where a user lists a bunch of the same collectible in an attempt to manipulate the price of the collectible.


When someone promotes the virtues of a collectible they own in an attempt to get others to buy and drive up the price.


Area in the app where users can display their collectibles and view them in augmented reality.


A free bonus occasionally given to holders of certain collectibles or sets within VeVe.


Scoring a good deal on the marketplace, often in the face of competition.


A phrase used by the VeVe team when talking about timelines for upcoming product features.


Purchasing multiple editions of the same collectible.

Steamboat Willie (SBW)

A collectible based on the first ever cartoon of Mickey Mouse, available in 3 rarities (common, uncommon & ultra rare).



Shorthand for the "#100 Todd McFarlane Batman" collectible which was the first collectible launched on the VeVe app.


Ultra Rare (UR)

The second highest rarity for collectibles on VeVe.

Uncommon (UC)

The second most common rarity for collectibles on VeVe.


The practice of pricing an item to sell lower than the lowest available in the market in an attempt to sell quickly.



Area in the app where users can display their collectibles and view them in augmented reality. Also used as a synonym for a user's total collection.


Someone who spends an enormous time crafting elaborate showrooms in the VeVe app.


An app for Android & iOS for premium licensed digital collectibles from top brands such as Marvel, Disney, DC and the Cartoon Network.


A planned metaverse project from VeVe where users will be able to showcase and interact with their VeVe collectibles.



Shorthand for the Walt Disney Partner's Statue collectible which dropped as part of the Golden Moments, considered one of the blue chip NFTs on the VeVe app.

Web Wallet

A web version of a user's VeVe wallet accessible at showing a user's gem and OMI balance.


A cheeky way of asking when a new product feature will be coming to VeVe.

We’re All Going To Make It (WAGMI)

A common rallying cry within the crypto community to show camaraderie with other investors after good news about a project.


A large investor who controls a significant amount of gems and collectibles in the VeVe app.

Wonder Woman (WW)

A popular collectible of Wonder Woman from DC Comics.

Wrapped OMI (WOMI)

A wrapped version of the Go-Chain version of the OMI token which makes it compatible with the Ethereum network.