What does Retail mean?

Retail refers to the original price of a collectible when it is first dropped on VeVe.


The new drop from Marvel is retailing for 50 gems.
I can’t believe the latest drop is selling below retail on the secondary market!

Full Definition:

When a collectible is first dropped on VeVe, the original price that it sells for is referred to as the retail price.

This is typically between 20-50 gems, although some items are priced higher or lower.

The retail price is in contrast to the price of collectibles on the marketplace, once users have already purchased it from VeVe and are reselling it to other users.

Many users gamble on blind box drops, hoping to get the higher rarities, and will often sell their collectibles below retail (less than the price they paid for) if they don’t get the rarity that they were hoping for.

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