What is VeVe?

VeVe is an app for Android & iOS for premium licensed digital collectibles from top brands such as Marvel, Disney, DC and the Cartoon Network.


I enjoy collecting licensed digital collectibles on VeVe.

Full Definition:

VeVe is an app for iOS & Android built by ECOMI for buying and selling licensed NFTs from some of the largest brands in the world.

VeVe Digital Collectibles

VeVe began development in 2018 under the name “ECOMI Collect” and was rebranded “VeVe” and released on the app store at the end of 2020, with the marketplace opening up in early 2021.

Built by collectors for collectors, VeVe was able to capitalize on the trend and growing popularity of non-fungible tokens by offering licensed NFTs from top brands such as Marvel, DC, and Disney, while at the same time making an app that made it easy for non-technical users to purchase NFTs without having to navigate the world of crypto.

VeVe differentiates itself from many other projects by providing high-quality, 3D models instead of static images, as well as interactive, readable comics. The app also has AR features, which allow users to overlay their collectibles on the real world.

VeVe NFTs are also stored on Immutable-X, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, which makes VeVe NFTs carbon neutral, addressing a common criticsm of NFTs and crypto that they are energy intensive and bad for the environment.

VeVe has grown rapidly since its launch, reaching over a million users by December of 2021 and nearly 2 million monthly active users by March of 2022. Over 4 million NFTs have been purchased on the VeVe platform, with most drops on the app selling out within a fraction of a second.

The company continues to expand the number of licenses available on the app, with many licensors that have been announced but not yet released, with the goal of providing something to collect for users of every fandom.

VeVe is also expanding beyond mobile devices with a web version of the app in active development, and a planned metaverse project called the VeVeVerse.

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