What is the VeVeVerse?

VeVeVerse is a planned metaverse project from VeVe where users will be able to showcase and interact with their VeVe collectibles.


We will be able to own land one day in the VeVeVerse.

Full Definition:

The VeVeVerse is a metaverse project that is currently in development by the VeVe team.

VeVeVerse Logo

The VeVeVerse was first announced in 2021, and the company has announced that first versions of the VeVeVerse will be going live sometime in 2022.

Since the VeVeVerse is still under development, not much is known about it outside of small hints provided by the team.

What has been announced so far is that the VeVeVerse will provide utility to many of the NFTs currently available in VeVe, such as cars being drivable. There will also be games in which VeVe NFTs can be used to play and interact with.

The team has also stated that there will be land available for purchase in the VeVeVerse, similar to other metaverse projects. Land will be purchasable with OMI, providing the token with more utility.

Another functionality that has been hinted at is interoperability with virtual reality hardware such as the Occulus, providing a more immersive experience.

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