What is the VeVeVerse?

VeVeVerse is a planned metaverse project from VeVe where users will be able to showcase their VeVe collectibles, and explore and interact with each other in a virtual world.


We will be able to own land one day in the VeVeVerse.

Full Definition:

The VeVeVerse is a metaverse project that is currently in development by the VeVe team. The project was first announced in 2021 and is currently scheduled to launch in 2023.

VeVeVerse Demo


The VeVeVerse will be an interactive metaverse where users will be able to interact in a 3D digital world in both AR and VR.

Users will be able to decorate their home spaces with their VeVe collectibles as well as NFTs from other projects, explore other people’s home spaces, and explore themed worlds related to specific brand.

Some of the key features of the VeVeVerse include:

Home Spaces – An upgraded version of the current showroom, which will server as the user’s home in the VeVeVerse. Users will be able to decorate and customize their home space as much as they wish, invite other users to visit their home space, and visit the home spaces of others.

Worlds – In addition to the home spaces, there will be different themed worlds that users will be able to visit. The main one will be VeVeCity which will feature a museum of all VeVe collectibles. There will be other worlds as well tied to themes (forest worlds, water worlds, etc) as well as brand-specific worlds (Batman, Marvel, etc). Users will be able to purchase land in these worlds with OMI or through the MCP program.

Accessories – In addition to collectibles, there will be non-branded accessories such as couches and bookshelves that users will be able to use to decorate their homespaces. These will be purchaseable for MCP points. Users will also be able to create their own objects and add interactivity via a scripting language.

Avatars – Users will have avatars or digital representations of themselves which they will be able to use to navigate the VeVeVerse. Users will eventually gain the avility to customize their virtual avatars.

Interoperability – The VeVeVerse will be compatible with other metaverse and NFT projects, and users will be able to incorporate non-VeVe NFTs into their showrooms. The VeVeVerse will be compatible with 3D objects created in both Unity and Unreal Engine (the two most popular 3D formats) and will work across mobile, desktop and AR/VR devices.

Communication Features – The VeVeVerse will include a full suite of communication features such as text chat, audio chat, and videoconferencing. Users will be able to stream content in the VeVeVerse and also collaborate synchronously on virtual whiteboards.

Release Date

The VeVeVerse will begin rolling out in 4 stages, starting in 2023:

  • Q1 2023: VeVe Home Spaces + Accessories
  • Q2 2023: Worlds – VeVeCity, IP Branded Worlds
  • Q3 2023: Customizable Avatars
  • Q4 2023: Gamification

More functionality will be rolled out in the future based on user feedback.

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