Master Collectors Program (MCP)

What is the Master Collectors Program (MCP)?

MCP is a program in VeVe that will allow collectors to accumulate Master Collector points based on their in-app activity which they can use to participate in raffles and buy in-app items with.


I’ve been stacking up on comics in preparation to accumulate MCP points.

Full Definition:

The Master Collectors Program or MCP is a feature being developed by VeVe in order to add a layer of gamification to the VeVe app and reward long-term holders and collectors.

The plans for the MCP program have been detailed in a Medium article, but in short users will earn MCP points by collecting comics and collectibles in the VeVe app and completing sets.

There will be levels and leaderboards based on the number of points a user has, as well as badges that users will be able to display on the profile. Levels will unlock additional features and exclusive drops.

MCP points will be able to user in an “MCP raffle”, where users can burn their points for an additional chance to win a drop, similar to the OUP program.

Finally, users will be able to use MCP points to buy “accessories”, which are non-licensed items such as shelves and furniture, that users can use to decorate their showrooms with.

As of yet there is no release date for the Master Collectors Program, but the initial level system is expected to launch sometime in Q3 of 2022.

VeVe Master Collectors Program

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