What is a Snapshot?

A snapshot is a list of users who meet a specific criteria at a moment in time, used to distribute an airdrop.


They took a snapshot last week of all set holders last week, and I just received the airdrop!

Full Definition:

Airdrops are free bonuses used to reward holders of specific collectibles, and snapshots are taken to determine who is eligible to receive an airdrop.

Typically, a snapshot (like its name suggests) captures a list of all users who meet the airdrop criteria at a specific moment in time, for example, everyone holding a particular set 12pm PST on Monday.

However, due to limitations of VeVe’s technology, snapshots are not instantaneous and can take several hours to complete.

VeVe users have missed out on some airdrops in the past, because they sold their collectibles immediately after the supposed snapshot time, only to later end up not receiving the airdrop because they sold before the snapshot was completed.

On pre-announced airdrops, collectible prices tend to pump and then immediately dump after the snapshot, so there is often a strong incentive to sell, but it is recommended holding onto collectibles until after the airdrop to guarantee receipt.

VeVe also occasionally posts on their social media when a snapshot has been completed, so monitoring social channels can be a way to ensure you qualify before an airdrop before selling.

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