What is an Airdrop?

An airdrop is a free bonus given to holders of a crypto token or NFT. Airdrops are occasionally given out to holders of certain collectibles or sets within VeVe.


I received a free airdrop for collecting and holding the full set of Jurassic World collectibles.

Full Definition:

Airdrops are a common practice in the NFT and crypto world, where early holders of certain tokens or NFTs are rewarded with free bonuses which are ‘airdropped’ into their wallets.

Before an airdrop is given out, a snapshot is taken at a certain time, and anybody that was holding the required asset at the time of the snapshot is eligible for the airdrop.

Airdrops are occasionally given out to collectors in VeVe as well.

The first airdrop on VeVe was given out in December of 2021, when collectors of all 3 sets of the Cereal Killers series by Ron English were awarded a secret rare golden ‘Ticky the Obese Bunny’ collectible, with only 666 editions.

However, due to issues with the snapshot, not all set holders were awarded the collectible. So, in January of 2022, the remaining eligible set holders were airdropped a golden ‘Yucky Charmer’ collectible.

In April of 2022, the artist Matt Gondek also did an airdrop of special art pieces to holders of the previous two sets that he dropped on VeVe.

The most recent airdrop on VeVe was when holders of all 3 sets of dinosaur collectibles from Jurassic World were awarded an airdrop.

Users who owned at least one collectible from each set received an ultra rare collectible, while users who owned all 3 full sets received a secret rare. Only 424 airdrops of the secret rare were given out, leading to the creation of Club 424, an exclusive club for holders of the collectible.

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