Artist Proof (AP)

What is Artist Proof (AP)?

The AP tag stands for “artist proof” and is used as a label to indicate 1-of-1 collectibles on VeVe.


David Warhol was the first artist proof dropped on the VeVe platform.

Full Definition:

Collectibles on VeVe can have different labels to indicate special attributes about them.

This can be found in the “edition type” field on a collectible, and also as an abbreviation next to the mint number.

For example the first appearance of a character in digital format will have an “FA” tag next to their mint number, while an item released during an event or convention would have a CE tag.

The artist proof tag was introduced to VeVe in August of 2022, and is used to refer to 1-of-1 artworks which are auctioned on the platform.

Unlike other types of collectibles, each 1-of-1 artwork is unique, with only a single edition.

The “artist proof” label can be found in the detils section for these 1-of-1 collectibles.

Artist Proof VeVe

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