Mint Number

What is the Mint?

The edition number of a collectible.


I have a mint #797 Partners statue.

Full Definition:

The mint number or edition number of a collectible is a number given to each collectible. For example, if a collectible has 15,000 total editions, then each collectible in that set will have a mint number between 1 and 15,000.

Because VeVe collectibles are identical to each other aside from the mint number, users have come to place value and meaning to specific mint numbers, which can drastically impact their price.

Low mint collectibles, for example, fetch a premium over the floor price for a collectible, with double-digit mints fetching sky high prices in the marketplace.

The VeVe team typically reserves mint numbers 1-40 for the team and for their licensors, as well as a few more random mints to be used in giveaways and other marketing activities. This means that the lowest available public mint for collectibles starts at 41 (although this was not always the case in the past, and could change in the future).

High mints can also fetch a premium, especially for comics, with for example mint 15,000 out of 15,000 fetching a significant premium over the floor. Some VeVe users value high mints more than low mints, since there can never be a mint number greater than the highest mint, while a mint lower than 41 could theoretically be released sometime in the future by VeVe.

Mint numbers with historical significance can also carry a premium. For example, Earth-616 is the main universe in Marvel comics, so mint #616 on Marvel collectibles carries a premium. Or the year a character was released can carry a premium.

Other users like collectibles with interesting numbers such as pallindromes (12321), memes (69, 1337) or birth years (1983), and still others like to complete sets with all matching mint numbers.

VeVe has stated that mint #1 of each collectible will eventually be displayed in a museum in the VeVeVerse.

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