What is a Walt?

“Walt” is shorthand for the Walt Disney Partner’s Statue collectible which dropped as part of the Golden Moments and is considered one of the blue chip NFTs on the VeVe app.


My Walt is one of my favorite collectibles in my valut.
This user has 5 Walts, they must be a whale!

Full Definition:

The Walt Disney Partner’s Statue, often referred to as “Walt” for short, is one of the most valuable collectibles in the VeVe app.

Partners Statue VeVe

The collectible was released in November of 2021 as part of the Golden Moments release from Disney, and has since become one of the most sought after collectibles in VeVe with a floor value close to 50,000 gems as of February 2022.

The NFT is a golden rendition of the iconic Partners Statue from Disneyland, with Walt Disney holding hands with Mickey Mouse.

The collectible was released on Disney+ Day, and users who got the collectible on the drop had a chance to receive a one year free subscription to Disney+.

The Partners Statue is a single collectible set, with 4,333 total editions and originally retailed for 333 gems.

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