Blue Chip

What is a Blue Chip?

A blue chip is a significant/desirable collectible on the VeVe app that is likely to retain its value overtime.


Todd is definitely a blue chip, it was the first collectibles dropped on the VeVe app!

Full Definition:

Blue chip is a term originally from gambling, where the blue colored chips are typically the most high value.

The term has since been adopted into the world of investing, where companies that have a strong and consistent track record for generating dividens and profits are referred to as “blue chip companies”.

Blue Chip Stocks

Likewise, in the world of VeVe collectibles, blue chips are NFTs that are considered likely to maintain their value and growth over time.

Exactly which collectibles fall into the blue chip (or grail) category is highly debated, but the following are commonly cited blue chips on VeVe:

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