What is a Grail?

A grail is a highly sought after or significant collectible on the VeVe platform.


I think Steam Boat Willie is a grail since it’s from one of the most iconic moments in entertainment history!

Full Definition:

Grail is a term used within the VeVe community to refer to the most sought after collectibles within the app.

The term comes from “holy grail”, which was a highly sought after magical cup from Arthurian legend, which was said to grant eternal life.

Monty Python Holy Grail

The term “grail” is sometimes used synonymously with the term “blue chip” for any high value collectible that is likely to hold value over time.

Others use the term “grail” to refer to only to the most absolutely desirable collectibles. The phrase “grail of grails” is sometimes used to distinguish this top echelon of collectibles.

There is much debate within the community as to what constitutes a grail. The following are commonly cited grails:

Users trying to shill their own collectibles will often refer to them as grails or future grails.

Users also sometimes refer to less valuable but less sought after collectibles as “mini-grails”.

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