VeVe Acronyms

  • AF15 - Amazing Fantasy 15

    A digital NFT comic of the first appearance of Spider-Man.

  • AMA - Ask Me Anything

    Live Q&A sessions hosted by the VeVe/Ecomi team where they answer questions from users.

  • AP - Artist Proof

    A tag that's used to indicate 1-of-1 collectibles on VeVe.

  • ASM - Amazing Spider-Man

    A series Spider-Man comic books available on the VeVe app.

  • ATH - All-Time High

    The highest recorded price for a collectible or crypto.

  • BTC - Bitcoin

    The original cryptocurrency, which is still highly correlated with the rest of the crypto market and can move prices of other tokens, including OMI.

  • CE - Con Exclusive

    A tag that's used to indicate collectibles that were dropped as part of an in-person convention.

  • DCon - DesignerCon

    A convention for artists and designers held annually in Anaheim, California, where many new artist related collectibles were dropped.

  • ETH - Ethereum

    Ethereum is a programmable blockchain which is used by the majority of NFT projects, including VeVe.

  • F4F - Follow For Follow

    A common tactic used to gain followers in the VeVe app by offering to follow back anyone who follows you.

  • FA - First Appearance

    A tag that's used to mark the first appearance of a character in digital collectible format on the VeVe app.

  • FE - First Edition

    A tag that's used to mark the first series of a collectible in a collection.

  • FF - Fantastic Four

    A series of comic books in the VeVe app by Marvel, or characters from that series.

  • FOMO - Fear of Missing Out

    Short for "fear of missing out", a powerful emotional trigger which can cause buyers to act emotionally and often overpay on the marketplace.

  • FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

    Negative disinformation that is spread purposefully in order to cast doubt on a project.

  • GM - Golden Moments

    A series of golden collectibles from some of Disney's most iconic IPs such as Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars, released in November of 2021 in a build-up to Disney+ Day.

  • GM - Good Morning

    A common greeting used on Twitter by the NFT/crypto community to build cammaraderie.

  • IMX - Immutable X

    A layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum on which VeVe NFTs are stored, which provides quick, gasless and carbon neutral transactions.

  • KYB - Know Your Business

    A process by which a user can verify that they represent a legitimate business entity.

  • KYC - Know Your Customer

    A requirement for financial apps to collect personal information about their users such as name, ID, and address in order to comply with local tax and anti-money laundering laws.

  • L - Loss

    When you fail to reserve a collectible during a drop.

  • MC1 - Marvel Comics #1

    The first ever comic book NFT released on the VeVe app based on one of the rarest and most expensive comics from Marvel.

  • MP - Marketplace

    A collectible marketplace built into the VeVe app where users can buy and sell collectibles from each other for gems as well as host auctions.

  • MTL - Money Transmitter License

    A license required by apps that deal in financial services which will allow VeVe users to cash out their gems for real-world currency in the future.

  • NFT - Non-Fungible Token

    Digital goods, with proof of ownership recorded on the blockchain.

  • NGMI - Not Going to Make It

    An expression of despair or as a derogatory insult aimed at those who are going to miss out on potential gains. The opposite of WAGMI.

  • OUP - OMI Utility Program

    A program through which OMI holders will be able to stake their OMI for in-app benefits such as buying collectibles with OMI and participating in OMI drop raffles.

  • SBW - Steam Boat Willie

    A collectible based on the first ever cartoon of Mickey Mouse, available in 3 rarities (common, uncommon & ultra rare).

  • SR - Secret Rare

    The highest rarity for collectibles on VeVe.

  • UC - Uncommon

    The second most common rarity for collectibles on VeVe.

  • UR - Ultra Rare

    The second highest rarity for collectibles on VeVe.

  • WAGMI - We're All Going to Make It

    A common rallying cry within the crypto community to show camaraderie with other investors after good news about a project.

  • WOMI - Wrapped OMI

    A wrapped version of the Go-Chain version of the OMI token which makes it compatible with the Ethereum network.

  • WW - Wonder Woman

    A popular collectible of Wonder Woman from DC Comics.

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