We’re All Going To Make It (WAGMI)

What does WAGMI mean?

WAGMI (short for “we’re all going to make it”) is a common rallying cry within the crypto community to show camaraderie with other investors after good news about a project.


The price of OMI is up 30% today! WAGMI!
We’re still early in VeVe and user growth will explode this year, WAGMI!

Full Definition:

WAGMI is a popular rallying cry in the crypto world whenever there is bullish news, and it’s used by VeVe users on social media as well whenever there is positive news, such as after an AMA with the team.

The term originated on the web discussion board site 4chan, on /fit/, and the catchphrase was popularized by the bodybuilder Zyzz. It soon spread to other 4chan communities, and eventually to the world of meme investing.

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