Vevepedia aims to be an encyclopedia of all things VeVe.

I created the site because every day I would see the same questions asked over and over again across Twitter, Facebook & Discord:

What’s MTL? What’s OUP? What’s align gate?

I created Vevepedia as a quick resource that people can refer to get up to speed on all the terminology and jargon used within the VeVe community.

If you’re a new VeVe user I hope you find Vevepedia to be a useful guide, and if you’re a more experienced user I hope you find it a helpful resource that you can refer newbies to.

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback, feel free to reach out to me!

About Me

Salsakesh VeVe Bio

About Vevepedia

My name is Takeshi Young, aka Salsakesh on the VeVe app.

I joined VeVe on November 6th 2021 after reading that the USPS was creating NFTs and then watching a video by Andrei Jikh.

My first two purchases on the app were a Borg Cube and Alligator Loki.

The first drop I participated in was the Marvel Mighties from the Eternals (loved the movie) and I scored two Druigs on the drop.

Since then I’ve collected over a hundred collectibles and comics, with a vault value north of six figures. Yes, you can say I’m addicted!

You can find me on VeVe by sorting price “high to low” on Druig. I’m also on Twitter.

Outside of VeVe, my day job is managing Digital Marketing for DiDi. I am also (as my name suggests) quite passionate about salsa dancing.