Helpful VeVe Resources

Here is a list of my favorite resources for keeping up-to-date and learning more about VeVe:


  • Ecomiwiki – Great website for looking at historical prices trends for collectibles
  • VeveRANK – Guides and price predictions for comics and collectibles
  • OMI Token Burns – Daily updates of OMI token burns and gem purchases
  • VeVe X Tracker – Daily dashboard of VeVe user and market activity from the blockchain.
  • OMI Inner Circle – Create a profile picture featuring the red ECOMI circle.


  • Dino Laing – Fun and informative videos and stream about VeVe.
  • VeveFox – Data-driven videos about VeVe using blockchain analysis and app store trend data
  • Superstar Money – Informative and data-driven videos about the VeVe market.
  • VeVe in 3 – Short and informative videos on upcoming drops.
  • Sleepyn Comics – Useful info on VeVe with a focus on VeVe
  • MyCollectibles – YouTube channel with thoughts, opinions and advice on buying collectibles on VeVe.
  • Taps Trades – Tips, market trends and livestrems about VeVe
  • NFT Pirates – Tips & tricks from an expert VeVe trader
  • The Real Randy Chavez – Live streams and videos from an O-Millionaire
  • Foster Hilt – In-depth information about the OMI token
  • Crypto Chris – Tips & tricks for VeVe
  • The Gale – Tips and tricks from an OG VeVe user
  • Andrew Ellis – Tips & Tricks about VeVe
  • Veve Vision – Fun channel about VeVe



  • Official VeVe Discord – Official Discord group for VeVe with news, announcements, giveaways and more
  • VEVE Snipers – Discord group with experienced VeVe traders
  • Club 33 – Exclusive Discord group for Disney Partners statue holders