Uncommon (UC)

What is Ultra Rare?

Uncommon or UC is the second most common rarity for collectibles on the VeVe app.


I was hoping to get the secret rare on the drop, but I ended up with the UC.

Full Definition:

Rarity is an attribute which indicates the relative scarcity of a collectible in VeVe, with uncommons being the second-most common rarity after commons.

Although uncommons have smaller edition sizes than commons, commons are often valued higher because they are believed to be minted first on the blockchain. The common collectible is also typically the most popular character in the set.

Also for comics, common comics have the original cover as published in the real world, while the uncommon is often a variation of the original.

Because of these factors, the uncommon is often the least valuable rarity of a collectible in a set, despite having smaller edition sizes than the common, sometimes referred to as the “uncommon curse”.

See the article on rarities for a full breakdown of the different rarities of collectibles in VeVe.

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