What is Rarity?

Rarity is a field in VeVe which indicates the relative scarcity of a collectible. There are five current rarities in VeVe: common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare and secret rare.


My favorite rarity when it comes to comics are the ultra rares!

Full Definition:

Rarity is one of the traits of VeVe NFTs, which can provide some indication of how scarce an item is, although rarities do not necessarily correspond to edition size.

For example, there are some secret rare collectibles with only a few dozen editions, while there are others that have a thousand plus editions.

Rarity is also treated somewhat differently between collectibles and comics.

With collectibles in a set, rarity indicates the relative scarcity of items within that set. So a common item in the set might have 10,000 editions, while the secret rare in the same set might have only a tenth as many.

With single item sets, the rarity value appears to be arbitrary.

With comics, most comics come in all five rarities, with each rarity having a different cover variant.

Typically rare and ultra rare comics have a unique cover that was designed exclusively for VeVe, while the common and uncommon variants have variations of the original cover, and the secret rare is typically taken from a panel from the actual comic.

Ratity and the Master Collector Program

The rarity of collectibles will become more meaningful once the Master Collector Program (MCP) goes live. With MCP, users will earn daily master collector points based on the rarity of their collectibles.

The amount of points received will be different between collectibles and comics.


  • Common – 1 point per day
  • Uncommon – 1 point per day
  • Rare – 1 point + 0.25 points for rarity
  • Ultra Rare – 1 point + 0.5 points for rarity
  • Secret Rate – 1 point + 5 points for rarity


  • Common – 0.25 points/day
  • Uncommon – 0.5 points/day
  • Rare – 2 points/day
  • Ultra Rare – 3 points/day
  • Secret Rare – 6 points/day

With comics and collectibles, duplicate items will also result in a reduction in points (50% for the first, 25% for the second, 10% for the third and beyond), except for common and uncommon comics, for which there will be no reduction in points for duplicates.

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