Ultra Rare (UR)

What is Ultra Rare?

UR or ultra rare is the second highest rarity for collectibles on VeVe.


I was able to get the UR from the latest blind box drop.

Full Definition:

Collectibles on VeVe have a rarity attribute, which corresponds to its relative scarcity within the app, and ultra rare is the second-most rare type of collectible, next to the secret rare.

With comics, ultra rares are often highly valued because they have covers art that was designed exclusively for VeVe.

Ultra rare comics and collectibles also earn additional MCP points compared with other rarities, with UR collectibles earning 1.5 MCP points/day and UR comics earning 3 points per day.

See the article on rarities for a full explanation of the different rarities of collectibles in VeVe.

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