Blind Box

What is a Blind Box?

A blind box is a drop format on VeVe in which multiple collectibles are released on a single drop and the user is assigned a random collectible from the set.


There are 5 different Pokémon dropping in blind box format next week!

Full Definition:

A blind box is a type of drop on VeVe where there are multiple collectibles in a set dropping at once, and if you win on the drop you get assigned a random collectible from the set.

This is in contrast to other drops, where you select the exact collectible you are looking to get on the drop.

Blind Box VeVe

Blind box drops are usually easier to get than single item drops, because the combined edition size of the collectibles is larger which improves your odds of getting the drop.

There is also a technique for increasing your speed on blind boxes by tapping on the little space between the blind box description and the “notify me” button, which is where the “buy now” button will appear at drop time.

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