What is a Drop?

A drop is when VeVe releases a new collectible or comic in the VeVe app and users compete for a chance to purchase new the item.


I’m excited for the big drop next week, but I haven’t scored one in 2 months!

Full Definition:

Like many other NFT and collectible projects, new items on VeVe are released in a drop.

Upcoming releases in VeVe have a countdown timer at the top of the page, which indicates when the drop will go live.

On drop day, once the counter reaches zero, a “buy now” button will appear and users who tap the button quick enough have a chance to purchase the collectible.

VeVe Drop Countdown Timer

Because VeVe has hunderds of thousands of users competing for each new drop, the chance of winning is low, and most users will not be able to win a collectible on the drop. There are also bots which use automated means to click the “buy now” button faster than most human users can.

Winning a drop requires a combination of fast network speed, fast device, fast reflexes, and a bit of luck. There have also been techniques devleloped such as align gate in order to improve the chances of winning a drop.

VeVe has announced that they will soon release a new drop system, known as the queue system. With the new system users will be able to signup 15-minutes before a drop and then be assigned a random order in the queue to purchase a collectible.

The new queue system will make participating in drops more democratic and also eliminate the large advantage that bots currently have.

VeVe has announced that the new drop system will begin rolling out in April of 2022, with full rollout happening in May.

There will also be additional ways for users to win drops by participating in the MCP and OUP programs.

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