What is a Bot?

Bots are illicit programs run by some users in attempt to gain an advantage on drops or in the marketplace.


Looks like there was a lot of bot activity on the latest drop– I wasn’t able to score a single one!

Full Definition:

A bot (also known as auto clickers, scripts, or emulators) are computer programs some users use in an attempt to get an advantage on VeVe drops and in the marketplace.

VeVe Bots

Bots are a common problem among many online platforms that have drops, and VeVe has implemented many industry-leading counter measures to detect bot activity.

Using bots is strictly against VeVe’s terms of service, and any account that is suspected of bot activity will be restricted. Restricted accounts can still view their collectibles in the app, but will not be able to transfer any collectibles or gems.

Accounts that are unequivocally shown to have used bots are disabled permanently.

Upcoming changes to the drop system to a raffle, as well as the MCP and OUP programs, will help to further decrease the effectiveness of bots.

VeVe has published an article on Medium which details their stance on bots and how they combat them.

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