Align Gate

What is Align Gate?

Align gate is tactic used for improving your odds of getting a drop on VeVe by aligning the drop button with the error message that pops up when you tap it early in order to quickly dismiss it and tap the button again.


I used align gate to secure the latest drop on VeVe!

Full Definition:

Align gate is a technique developed for improving the odds on a drop.

Rather than trying to time the countdown perfectly, with align gate you align the error message that appears when you tap the drop buton early, so you can just keep rapidly tapping on the button/error message in quick succession until the countdown reaches zero.

The short video below shows how to align the error message with the button:

Align gate is an easy technique to use on the drop because you can just spam the button rather than trying to time it perfectly.

Some users have not had much success with align gate, while others swear by it.

An alternative technique that some users use is called space gate.

Tapping too much during a drop can trigger anti-spam measures in the app, so it’s recommended you stop tapping immediately once you tap the actual “buy now” button.

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