Space Gate

What is Space Gate?

Space gate is a technique for getting drops on VeVe by continuously tapping the space that the “buy now” button will appear before the drop timer reaches zero, in order to try to secure a collectible.


I was able to land the drop by using space gate.

Full Definition:

Space gate (along with other tricks such as align gate) is a technique that some VeVe users use to tap the “buy now” button as soon as it appears and improve the chances of getting a drop.

The name comes from the fact that previously the “buy now” button would appear in the little sliver of space in-between the description box and the “notify me” button.

Users could repeatedly tap on this space as the countdown wound down, and tap the “buy now” button as soon as it appeared.

More recently, the location of the “buy now” button has moved so that it appears where the description box is, right below the heart icon. Tapping this location can help land a drop, althought repeatedly tapping on the “buy now” button can get you flagged as a bot.

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