Amazing Spider-Man (ASM)

What does ASM stand for?

ASM stands for ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ a series of comic books which are available on the VeVe app.


I just scored a good deal on ASM #3, which is the first appearance of Dr Octopus!

Full Definition:

The Amazing Spider-Man is a comic series from Marvel Comics featuring everybody’s favorite web slinger.

There are many digital versions of ASM comics available within the VeVe app, and they are referred to by the issue number, such as “ASM #1” or “ASM #361”.

A few of the comics have a high value in the real world, and are similarly priced high within the app.

For example, The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (first published in March 1963) has sold for $900,000 in the real world and the secret rare version of that comic in VeVe currently sits at 15,000 gems.

The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Another ASM comic, #252, currently holds the record for being the highest priced comic within VeVe, even though it’s not that valuable in the real world due to its scarcity. There were only 1,000 editions of the ASM #252 NFT released, and the secret rare only had 40 editions, making it the rarest comic in VeVe.

Other ASM comics available in VeVe feature first appearances by popular villains such as Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Venom.

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