First Appearance (FA)

What is First Appearance (FA)?

The FA tag is used to indicate the first appearance of a character in digital collectible format on the VeVe app.


The Steve Rogers collectible in the Marvel Mighties set is the first appearance of Captain America.

Full Definition:

The FA tag appears next to the mint number of collectibles in VeVe which are the first appearance of a character.

First Appearance VeVe

The concept of first appearances is a big one in the realm of real-world comic books. Comic book collectors place a premium on comics which were the first appearances of popular characters because of their historic significance.

For example, the comic book Amazing Fantasy #15, which is the first appearance of Spider-Man, holds the record for being the most expensive comic book ever sold, with a copy selling at an auction for $3.6 million dollars.

First appearances are also significant in VeVe and the world of NFTs in general. Collectibles of popular characters with the FA tag can fetch a high price.

Ironically (given the significance of FAs in the comic book world), VeVe does not consider its comic book NFTs to be FAs– the tag is reserved only for collectibles.

For non-character items such as stamps or art pieces, VeVe has a separate first edition (FE) tag.

VeVe announced in February 2022 that the FA tag would take priority over the Con Exclusive (CE) tag, so first appearances dropped during conventions would get the FA tag and not the CE tag.

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