Con Exclusive (CE)

What is Con Exclusive (CE)?

The CE tag stands for “con exclusive” and is used to indicate collectibles that were dropped as part of an in-person convention.


I own Electric Lola with mint number CE198 a con exclusive from DCon!

Full Definition:

The con exclusive tag can be found on collectibles within the VeVe app that were announced and dropped during in-person conventions such as Comic-Con and DCon.

Con exclusive collectibles have the letters “CE” next to the edition number.

The tag has been used somewhat inconsistently in the past, with only some items from DCon receiving the “CE” tag while others received an “FE“.

The VeVe team has stated that they will be more consistent with the use of the CE tag in the future. VeVe has also said that the FA tag will take precedence over the CE tag, if both apply to a collectible.

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