First Edition (FE)

What is First Edition (FE)?

The FE tag is a tag that’s used to indicate the first edition of a non-character item such an art piece.


Snow globes have an FE tag because they aren’t considered first appearances of characters.

Full Definition:

The FE tag appears next to the edition number on collectibles that are considered “first edition” items on VeVe.

First Edition VeVe

The meaning of the tag has changed over time and this has caused some confusion as to what exactly the tag indicates.

The tag first appeared in VeVe in the Batman Man Black & White series.

The first collectible to be released in the set was Todd McFarlane Batman, which received the FA tag to indicate it was the first appearance of the character in collectible form in VeVe.

The next set of collectibles in the set such as Eduardo Risso Batman received the FE tag since they were released after Todd so they weren’t the first appearance of the character, but were still part of the first edition set.

VeVe has since clarified/redfined the definition of the FE tag to apply to first editions of non-character items such as the stamps, snow globes, and art pieces. Alex Gonzalez, Director of Marketing at VeVe, stated in a tweet that:

“FE is reserved for art and/or non-character pieces.”

He admitted that the company hasn’t been consistent with the label in the past (with items such as Valdo’s Case receiving an FA tag) but that the company will update older pieces to reflect the new definition. The company further clarified the definition of the FE tag in a Medium article.

Regardless of the official meaning of the tag, many have come to value collectibles regardless of their designation. Collectibles such as Steamboat Willie and the secret rare Captain America are highly valued, despite not having an FA or FE tag.

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