What is Todd?

Todd is shorthand for the “#100 Todd McFarlane Batman” collectible which was the first collectible launched on the VeVe app.


I was able to get two Todds back when the app first came out, and now they’re worth a lot!

Full Definition:

Todd is a collectible based on a physical statue sculpted by Jonathan Matthews based off of the cover art for the Batman #423 comic by Todd McFarlane.

Todd is considered by many to be a grail and blue chip because it is not only the first ever collectible dropped on VeVe, but the first ever NFT licensed from DC Comics.

Todd is part of the “Batman Black & White series 1” set, and is the common of the set, but because this was dropped prior to the introduction of blind boxes, Todd was dropped first before the other collectibles in the set as a standalone.

Todd is also the only collectible in the set with the first appearance tag, while the rest of the collectibles in the set are labeled as first edition.

Because of its historical significance to VeVe and the NFT space, Todd is one of the most sought after collectibles in the app.

Todd McFarlane Batman VeVe

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