What is Risso?

Risso is shorthand for the “#01 Eduardo Risso Batman” collectible, the highest rarity collectible from the first collectible set released on VeVe.


If you have a Risso you’ve probably been on the app for a while, or have a lot of money!

Full Definition:

Risso is one of the collectibles from the first ever set released on VeVe, “Batman Black & White series 1”, and based on a real-world sculpture from DC comics.

Risso is the ultra rare of the set, making it the rarest collectible in the set with just 1,750 editions.

However, because not all of the collectibles in the set at once, Risso is categorized as a first edition rather than a first appearance, a title which belongs to Todd, the first ever collectible on VeVe.

Nevertheless, as one of the items in the first ever set on VeVe, Risso is considered a grail by many users and commands a high price on the VeVe marketplace.

Eduardo Risso Batman VeVe

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