Wonder Woman (WW)

What does WW stand for?

WW stands for ‘Wonder Woman’, which is a popular collectible from DC Comics.


I have 5 FA WWs stacked in my vault, she’s one of my favorite super heroes!

Full Definition:

WW is used to refer to Wonder Woman, typically the Wonder Woman from the “DC Artist Alley” collection.

Wonder Woman NFT VeVe

The Wonder Woman collectible is significant because it’s the first appearance of one of the most popular female super heroes in the world in NFT form.

It was also the first set in VeVe where the common became the most expensive item in the set, outpacing even the ultra rare in terms of floor value.

In February of 2022, VeVe released a second version of Wonder Woman as part of the “DC Cover Girls” set, so there are now multiple Wonder Woman collectibles in the app, although the original still holds more value.

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