What is the Floor?

The floor price of a collectible is the price of the lowest priced collectible of its kind available in the marketplace.


The floor price of my collectibles dropped by 10% during the gem squeeze.

Full Definition:

The floor value of a collectible is simply the lowest price for that collectible available on the marketplace.

For example, if the lowest price for a Superman collectible is $5000, then the floor value of Superman is $5000.

It’s helpful to know the floor price of a collectible because that is the price you can reasonably expect to be able to sell that collectible for within in a short time frame. For popular collectibles, listing an item for sale just below floor price can result in a sale within minutes.

Floor price is used for calculating the minimum value of your total collection by tools such as EcomiWiki and Vault Value.

It’s important to note that floor prices can be manipulated, especially for collectibles with few items in the marketplace. For rare collectibles such as Donny, for example, the owners can set an artifically high price (an “aritifical floor”) which no one would actually pay in the market.

Floor prices can temporarily jump as well if a whale comes in a sweeps the floor (buys up the floor) and people don’t have time to adjust their prices.

Some users also set up sell walls, which can cause other collectors to panic and sell their collectibles at a lower price, which are then swooped up by the mainuplators.

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