Gem Squeeze

What is a Gem Squeeze?

A gem squeeze is when the prices of collebiles across the market when a big drop is announced as users sell their collectibles to get gems to participate in the drop.


There was a massive gem squeeze when the new Disney drop was announced.

Full Definition:

A gem squeeze refers to a fairly regular occurence in the VeVe app where prices across the marketplace drop after a big drop announcement because people sell off some of their current collectibles to get gems so they can participate in the drop and marketplace for the new item.

Market prices can see a drop of 10-20% or more depending on how much excitement the upcoming drop generates. Blue chips and grails tend to retain most of their value even during gem squeezes, while less important items are sold off for liquidity.

Typically, you can see the biggest drops in prices after the full details of the drop are announced and in the days leading up to the drop.

It is generally not a good time to try to sell collectibles during a gem squeeze because they will be heavily discounted and you will be able to get a better deal after the squeeze is over.

A gem squeeze is also a good time to pick up deals on the marketplace while everyone else is focused on the shiny new object on the horizon.

Prices from gem squeezes usually start recovering immediately after the drop happens, as people who scored the drop buy back into collectibles they might have sold off to participate in the market.

The YouTuber Andrew Ellis has a good video on how best to take advantage of gem squeezes:

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