Sell Wall

What is a Sell Wall?

A tactic where a user lists a bunch of the same collectible in an attempt to manipulate the price of the collectible.


Someone put up a sell wall on that collectible to drive down the price.

Full Definition:

“Sell wall” is a term that comes from the world of investing and crypto, when a trader or a group of traders place large sell orders on an asset to keep the price down. This can also force who want to sell quickly to sell below the wall, and the whales can buy at a discount and remove the wall.

Similarly, users on VeVe will sometime place a sell wall on the marketplace, forcing users who want to sell quickly to undercut them and sell at a discount. The user can then buy up the discount items, and then remove the sell wall.

Small sell walls can easily be bought up and may not be effective in driving down the price of a collectible, but users who stack dozens or even hundreds of a collectible can throw up sell walls large enough to impact the market.

Sell Wall VeVe

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