What is Stacking?

Stacking refers to purchasing multiple editions of the same collectible.


I’ve been stacking common Deadpools– I have twenty of them in my collection now!
That whale has a big stack of Golden Moments!

Full Definition:

Stacking refers to purchasing multiples of a collectible, and is a common practice in the wolrd of collecting.

VeVe co-founder and CEO David Yu has shared in interviews that he always likes to purchase three of every item that he loves– one to enjoy, one to sell/trade, and one to hold for the long term.

Stacking is a good practice in the VeVe app as well. If you only own one edition of a collectible you love, you’ll never want to let go of it, which is fine if you just want to keep it forever, but won’t provide any liquidity if you need gems to invest in other collectibles.

Savvy collectors will stack multiples of collectibles they believed are undervalued and have the potential to increase in price in the future, that way they can sell some if the price increases to get gems, while still holding onto a few to enjoy.

Some serious investors will stack dozens or even hundreds of a specific collectible which can drive up the floor price by reducing the total supply.

The YouTuber, Randy Chavez, has also pointed out that owning multiples can multiply your gains. For example, if you own one Todd and it increases by 100 gems, you make 100 gems, but if you own ten you’ve made a gain of 1,000 gems.

Stacking multiples is a good practice overall if you can afford it, and can also earn you additional MCP points.

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