What is a Whale?

A whale refers to a large investor who controls a significant amount of gems and collectibles in the VeVe app, who can have a large impact on prices by buying up collectibles.


A whale just swept the floor for the comic drop, and now they’re double the price!

Full Definition:

“Whale” is a term from the world of crypto and investing which refers to wealthy investors who can cause large movements in a stock or crypto because they can take large positions and move markets.

Similarly, whales are users in VeVe who were exteremely early in the VeVe app or who have invested significant sums of real-world wealth to amass a large stash of gems and collectibles.

Whales can single handedly raise the price of a collectible, by sweeping up the floor and significantly reducing supply.

Whales are also often buyers of low-mint collectibles, and are the type of user who has the gems on hand to make 5-figure purchases on the VeVe marketplace.

Some whales have thousands of collectibles and have stacked hundreds of specific items in order to control supply. Occasionally some public whales will flex their latest purchases on social media, such as when Dr Profit posted a video of himself purchasing his 100th Walt statue.

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