Amazing Fantasy 15 (AF15)

What does AF15 stand for?

AF15 stands for ‘Amazing Fantasy 15’, a digital NFT comic on VeVe of the first appearance of Spider-Man.

The real-world comic book on which the NFT is based holds a record for highest comic book sale of all time, and the digital version is considered a grail within the VeVe community.


It’s hard say which is the bigger grail, MC1 or AF15!

Full Definition:

Amazing Fantasy 15, or ‘AF15’ for short, is one of the valuable comic books ever released.

Originally published by Marvel in 1962, Amazing Fantasy 15 is the first appearance of the character Spider-Man, which has since grown to become the most popular and well-recognized super hero for all-time.

Amazing Fantasy 15

The comic book in the real world is also extremely valuable, with a high-grade selling for $3.6 million in 2021, the highest publicly recorded sale of a comic book ever. Even low grades regularly sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

The digital version of the comic book is set to release on VeVe on Monday, August 8th 2022.

The digital comic will have a limited release, with 10,000 editions total, split between 6,000 commons, 2,250 uncommons, 1,000 rares, 500 ultra rares, and 250 secret rares.

Because of the popularity and real-world value of the comic, coupled with its relative scarcity, the comic is on track to become of the the highest priced and highly sought after collectibles on VeVe.

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