Marvel Comics #1 (MC1)

What does MC1 stand for?

MC1 stands for “Marvel Comics #1”, the first ever comic book NFT released on the VeVe app based on one of the rarest and most expensive comics from Marvel.


SR MC1 is one of the most valuable comics on the app.

Full Definition:

Marvel Comics #1 was the first ever comic published by Marvel comics in 1939. Because of how old and rare it is, MC1 is one of the most expensive comics in the real world, with an issue of the comic selling for nearly $2.4 million in March of 2022.

Marvel Comics #1

MC1 is also the first comicbook NFT released on VeVe. It is considered by most users to be a grail comic, and is one of the most expensive comics on the app, next to ASM #252, which had an extremely small edition size.

The secret rare version of MC1 hit an all-time high of nearly 100K gems, and even the common rarity goes for 250-500 gems.

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