All-Time High (ATH)

What does ATH stand for?

ATH stands for “all-time high” or the highest recorded price for a collectible or crypto.


The floor for Spider-Man has come down a bit since its ATH of $100k gems.
The price of OMI just hit an all-time high!

Full Definition:

All-time high is the highest price that an asset has ever reached. The term comes from the crypto and investing space and is frequently used in VeVe as well.

Analyzing the ATH floor prices for a collectible can be a good way to gauge whether a piece has good potential for moving up in the future.

For example, if a popular collectible previously hit an all-time high of 3,000 gems, but drops to 2,500 gems during a gem squeeze, that could mean that there is a high likelihood of it starting to appreciate again in the near future.

It could also mean that the collectible was just way overpriced in the first place due to pumping or FOMO, and there is no guarantee that a collectible will ever return to a previous all-time high.

Apps such as VaultValue and Ecomi Wiki are good tools to view and analyze past price trends for collectibles, and make more informed buying decisions.

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