Follow For Follow (F4F)

What does F4F stand for?

F4F stands for “follow for follow”, and is a common hashtag used by users trying to gain followers in the VeVe app.


Follow me on VeVe and I’ll follow you back! #F4F

Full Definition:

F4F, or follow-for-follow, is a way that some users try to gain followers on VeVe.

Essentially, follow-for-follow is a way of convincing other users to follow your account, by promising to follow back any user who follows you.

Using the #F4F hashtag can be an easy way to gain followers on VeVe, and it is one of the most commonly used hashtags in the VeVe feed. It is also frequently left as a comment on new drops.

Not every user who uses the #F4F hashtag follows through with the promise of following back, either because it gets lost in their notifications or they just don’t intend to. Leaving a comment after following someone can be a good way to help get their attention.

Although follow-for-follow can be a quick way to gain followers, it can also lead to your notifications being overloaded by all your followers.

F4F also seen as a spammy tactic by some users:

Follow For Follow F4F

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