Steamboat Willie (SBW)

What is SBW?

SBW is an acronym for “Steam Boat Willie”, a collectible based on the first ever cartoon of Mickey Mouse, available in 3 rarities (common, uncommon & ultra rare).


The UR SBW is one of my favorite pieces in my collection!

Full Definition:

Steamboat Willie was released on VeVe on December 22, 2021 and was one of the most sought after collectibles dropped that month.

Prices for SBW quickly reached over 3,000 gems and has reached an all-time high of over 10,000 gems.

Steamboat Willie is a set of 3D collectibles based off of the “Steamboat Willie” cartoon which was created by Walt Disney and first released in 1928, which is the first appearance of what would become Mickey Mouse.

The success of the Steamboat Willie cartoon set Disney on the path to becoming the largest entertainment & media company in the world.

“It all started with a mouse” Walt Disney would later remark, reflecting on his media empire.

The SBW collectible on VeVe has seen its popularity wax and wane, but has a strong fanbase due to its historical significance in the real world.

The collectible does not have a first appearance tag, because Mickey Mouse made his first appearance on VeVe and the blockchain as part of the Walt Disney Partner’s statue collectible released in November of 2021.

Some users have argued that SBW should have a first appearance tag because Steamboat Willie is a different character than Mickey Mouse, but the VeVe team have firmly stated that this is not the case.

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