Club 424

What is Club 424?

Club 424 is an exclusive VeVe community for holders of the secret rare Blue & Beta drop from Jurassic World. The group has their own Discord group and hopes to offer utility to holders of the Jurassic World NFT.


If you own the SR Blue & Beta, you’re a member of Club 424.

Full Definition:

On July of 2022, VeVe and Universal offered an airdrop to users who held all 3 sets of the previous Jurassic World drops (T-Rex, Blue, and Beta).

Because only a small number of users held all 3 full sets, the total edition size for the drop was only 424 editions total. The drop soon became a flex item due to its scarcity, and many prominent VeVe users displayed it on their profiles.

Soon, a group of holders including Ryan, Foster Hilt, Taps Trades, King Crypto and Superstar Money came up with an idea for creating utility for holders of the collectible. The called the group Club 424 due to the mint size of the collectible.

Club 424 VeVe

The group have now created a website at as well as an exclusive Discord group for members.

Members of Club 424 can get an exclusive NFT on the Polygon blockchain, and the group hopes to negotiate with Universal directly in the future to negotiate benefits for holders in the future.

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