What is a Showroom?

A showroom is an area in the VeVe app where users can display their collectibles and view them in augmented reality.


I enjoy creating multiple showrooms in VeVe to showcase my favorite collectibles!

Full Definition:

The showroom (also known as the vault) is a virtual room where users can display their collection of NFTs.

There are two types of showrooms that users can create– a floating room in the middle or the sky or a blank room with just a grid.

Showrooms were updated in December of 2021, and users created showrooms prior to that still have access to vaults with a slightly different apperance.

The main area of the showroom is a room behind a vault door, as well as an outdoor balcony overlooking a sunset sky. It is also possible to squeeze through cracks in the railing, and place collectibles in the sky itself.

Showrooms can be shared with other users in the VeVe social feed, and the upcoming web version of the app will allow customization of showrooms via the web browser in addition to the app.

Once collectibles are layed out in a showroom, they can also be viewed in AR mode, overlaying the showroom onto the real world.

It is believed that the upcoming VeVeVerse will begin with enhancements to the showroom and expand into a more elaborate metaverse.

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