Diamond Hands

What are Diamond Hands?

Diamond hands are investors who hold onto their investments/collectibles long term, even if there are downturns or strong pressure to sell.


I’ve got diamond hands, I will never sell me low mint Holiday Groot!
There are a lot of diamond hands holding onto Alligator Loki, which is why the supply is so low!

Full Definition:

Diamond hands (often expressed in the emojis “??”) is a slang term from the investing world for investors who refrain from selling investments and hold long term, even in the face of losses and downturns.

The term is thought to have originated on the Reddit forum /r/WallStreetBets.

Diamond Hands

The term is the opposite of paper hands, which are investors who sell early or at the first sign of trouble.

The term is used within the VeVe community to refer to collectors who hold collectibles long term and don’t sell.

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