Paper Hands

What are Paper Hands?

A somewhat derogatory term that refers to someone who sells too early or at too low a price. The opposite of diamond hands.


I was able to get some good deals on the market from all the paper hands selling at discount prices.
I totally paperhanded that last drop, I didn’t expect the floor price would end up that high!

Full Definition:

Paper hands is a term popular in the online investing and crypto space, and originated on /r/WallStreetBets subreddit on Reddit, along with its opposite, diamond hands.

Whereas diamond hands will hodl an investment no matter what (sometimes to the point of absurdity) paper hands are the exact opposite, and will sell at the slightest provocation.

Paper hands fold (like paper) at the slightest hint of adversity.

Paper hands are typically low risk investors, short term investors, or investors who lack a strong conviction in their investments.

Long term hodlrs often mock paper hands for selling too early, although sometimes selling early is the right financial move.

Ultimately, investing is a personal decision, and when to sell or hold is up to each individual investor based on their financial goals and position.

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