What is Hodling?

Hodling or to hodl is a term from crypto for holding on long term, based on the misspelling of the word “hold”.


I’m hodling my Golden Moments, they’ll be worth a lot in the future!
You should hodl your OMI until the prices come back up again.

Full Definition:

Hodl is a commonly used slang term from the crypto community for holding onto something and not selling.

The phrase originated from a thread on the Bitcointalk forum on December 18, 2013 when a drunken member posted a thread titled “I AM HODLING”.

I Am HODLING Bitcointalk forum

The term quickly became a meme within the Bitcoin community and has become a commonly used phrase for holding onto crypto, even if the prices are going down.

There is also a backronym for hodl: “hold on for dear life”.

The term is frequently used in the VeVe community in relation to collectibles in the market, or in reference to the OMI token.

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