What does Wen mean?

Wen (a misspelling of “when”) is a cheeky way of asking when a new product feature will be coming to VeVe.


Wen Pokémon?

Full Definition:

VeVe has a very passionate community eager for new developments and features in the VeVe app. As a small startup, VeVe has made many promises of upcoming features, but hasn’t been able to always deliver them in a timely manner.

Thus, the term “wen” has become a running gag within the VeVe community, and users and even the VeVe team have come to refer to desired features as “wens”.

Some of the most common wens that come up during AMAs include:

  • Wen MTL? (When will users be able to cash out?)
  • Wen MCP? (When will the Master Collector Program roll out?)
  • Wen OUP? (When will the OMI Utility Program roll out?)
  • Wen VeVeVerse? (When will the VeVeVerse go live?)
  • Wen Pokémon? (When will the next popular license come to VeVe?)

The standard response from the VeVe team to wen questions is: #soon.

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