What does #Soon mean?

#Soon is a phrase used by the VeVe team when talking about timelines for upcoming product features.


The ability to drive cars around the VeVeVerse is a feature that is coming #soon.

Full Definition:

When the VeVe app first started to gain popularity in 2021, the VeVe team made many promises about upcoming features they were working on to excite and inform the community, such as MTL, interoperability, and the VeVeVerse.

The team also made the mistake, as many young startup do, of promising optimistic release dates for many of these features, which inevitably weren’t met as the app exploded in popularity and the VeVe team struggled just to keep the app running.

Since then, the team has made it a practice of responding to WEN questions with the phrase “#soon”, which frustrates many users but better sets expectations for upcoming features which are still under development with no firm release date.

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