What does Delisting mean?

Delisting is when unsold items get removed from the marketplace, which happens 30 days after they are first listed.


There wasn’t a lot of buying activity last month, so a lot of items were delisted from the marketplace.

Full Definition:

Items that are listed on the secondary market which don’t sell after 30 days are automatically delisted in VeVe.

This was a feature that was first introduced in May of 2022.

Because of this, the total number of collectibles available for purchase on the marketplace usually sees a big decrease 30 days after it is first dropped, as items get automatically delisted.

This can cause a temporary increase in floor prices due to FOMO, which quickly corrects itself as people relist their previously delisted items.

Users should pay attention to the date an item first dropped and when they will be delisted, to avoid pulling a Poolside.

Items can also be delisted from the marketplace if the account sellling them is banned for botting or otherwise breaking the terms of service.

There was also a big delisting across the marketplace on July 31st 2022 (sometimes referred to as “The Great Delisting”), when KYC was required for all accounts, and items from non-KYCed accounts were removed from the marketplace.

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