Green Truck

What is a Green Truck?

A green truck that appears on screen when a user successfully wins a drop on VeVe.


I finally got a green truck today after striking out on drops for a month!

Full Definition:

“Green truck” refers to the picture of a green truck that appears when you successfully secure a drop on VeVe.

Green Truck VeVe

The green truck modal includes the mint number of the collectible you just won, as well as the warning that “Due to high order volume your collectible will be delivered within 2 hours”, although delivery of collectibles rarely takes that long.

The term “green truck” has become synonymous with winning drops on VeVe, although VeVe has stated that they will retire the green truck modal in the future once the app migrates to a queue based drop system.

The green truck has become one of the iconic symbols within VeVe, and some users have even created NFTs on OpenSea based on the green truck design.

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